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Monday, September 27, 2010

Update on our Life Lately!

My sweet boy before work one day last week!

An LP gift card arrived for LP's (me) birthday!  Woo hoo!  Can't wait to head downtown for shopping!  After all, I am now living in an island town so I need some Lilly!   Thanks Mom, Dad & Keeton!

We purchased this Boeing painting from a local artist after making friends with her brother!  

It's the new 787 Dreamliner that Josh is working on.  The city below is Charleston! It's a limited edition, so we were excited to snag it!

 How to Make a "Home" of a Hotel:
Bring a laundry basket for your dirties.  And also bring your laundry supplies to use at the coin machines.  (Deep down in there is also a change bag full of quarters -- these are essential because it costs a small fortune!)  

Display your toothbrushes in a Kentucky horse mint julep cup to remind you of home!

Always display your alma mater(s)!  Coasters serve as decor and are functional!

Ladies, you will definitely need an over-the-door rack to store your shoes!  After all, those hotel closets are tiny!

 Display a sweet picture of a sweet furry friend!  Look at this daily for a guaranteed smile!

 Bring your computer, printer, and a variety of office supplies!  The job search must go on!  

How to Move from a House to a Hotel to a Two-Bedroom Condo:

Pray that the movers can make that tight turn while carrying your furniture up the stairs.  Then when they do, thank God for answering prayers!

Stay out of the way of the movers so that you do not interrupt their progress.  And when the legs to the dining table finally show up in the delivery, put that table together!  Yes the movers will do it, but do we really want them there longer than necessary?  Nope.  

Learn the "Bingo" system for making sure your ENTIRE delivery arrives......all 138 pieces.....I am proud to say that not only did EVERYTHING arrive, I mastered the system of checking off the chart as the movers called out the numbers.  

Look at the ever-growing mound of boxes stacked in your new home and just sigh.  There is no need to get overwhelmed - that won't do any good!  Decide one thing you absolutely must find and after you find it, don't stress about the rest!  In my case....bed sheets!  I looked all over the place and finally found them tucked away.  They immediately went to the washing machine and I was relieved once the bed was made.  If all else fails, at least we can get some vital sleep!

See that semi out your window?  Thank God that you were not the one trying to maneuver that baby around your new neighborhood!

The "wardrobe" boxes.....pretty cool design!  However, they are stinkin' heavy!  You might also find that you will have lots of ironing to do because items were stuffed in there like sardines.

That pink tool set you have from college....let the big tough mover men make fun of it.....and then enjoy when they need a screwdriver to put furniture together and they have to ask to use it! hahahaha! 

That stack of boxes just keeps growing!  But it's okay!  You learn how little you really can live off of!  Plus, you might think it's funny that they label every other box as "wedding gifts!"  

Apologize and feel regret for the rain forest that was destroyed for the sake of your move.  Geez!  And this is only a small portion...no kidding!

Be thankful that the weekend you move in coincides with the twice-yearly community yard sale.  And because you had built-in cabinets at your house in Kentucky, you realize your TV now needs a home.  So you set off on your bike looking for something perfect.  And you think you must be dreaming when you find this Pottery Barn piece for a steal of a deal!  So you send your hubby off on his bike to go get the truck while you barter with the lady who owns it.  And you don't care that it's actually supposed to be a bar because you need it for a TV stand, by golly!  So your husband and new friend from church team up to drill a hole in it for electrical and cable cords.  And each time you pass by it, you look at it and think "that's just perfect....it's exactly what we needed!"  

And that my friends, is just a small taste of our move from Bowling Green, Kentucky to Charleston, South Carolina! 


Jessi said...

you're moved in! I may need to invite myself over before I leave for some coffee & dessert (that I'll bring!)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are doing a great job with all the moving! And you are keeping a great attitude!