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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Elevator Etiquette!

Living in a hotel for an extended period of time has reaffirmed to me that the world needs a lesson on elevator etiquette!  Go to any hotel, mall, or other public building and you're likely to encounter this very thing.  However, I am to the point now where I really wonder if my Mama is one of few who taught her kids proper elevator etiquette.  (Thank you, Mama, I feel very advanced compared to many around me!)

I am not going to go on a rant because that wouldn't do any good, but thought I should share with you that if you get annoyed by other people and their elevator behavior, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! 

I have a relatively high tolerance for stupid people....really, I am quite patient and nearly always give the benefit of the doubt.  I brush off loud conversations, erratic children and other rude behaviors, yet there is one that I can't seem to get over - the enter/exit.  It only makes sense to let others get off the elevator before you get on, right?!  This is the one rude behavior that makes me want to verbalize my frustrations to the eager elevator boarders.......I just want to look at them and say "Really?!  What part of that makes sense?!"  However, I just keep my mouth closed, usually force a smile, and exit as quickly as possible.   

This morning I was even carrying our laundry basket with a bottle of detergent, roll of quarters, and my room key.  A grown man (at least 60 years old) about tackled me and my laundry as I was trying to get off the elevator.  Hold up, buddy, nothing is on fire!

My reminder alarm just went off and it's time to brave the elevator again to go back to the laundry room and switch items to the dryer!  Wish me luck!

Perhaps I should just take the stairs....my body and my nerves will thank me for it!!! :)

*Disclaimer: I am not angry or stressed from this situation whatsoever, however I thought it would be fun to share a glimpse into what is the extended life of living in a hotel!  I have several stories I could share! :)

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