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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A little update!

The time has passed like WHOA over the past couple of months since I last posted!  We had a great trip #2 for a month in Seattle (although I didn't re-cap that trip), then made it back to home sweet Charleston just in time for Easter!

Since then we have been blessed with many visits from family and friends!  Very exciting times for sure!

I really have been extremely busy enjoying our city, showing around loved ones, working on my tan, and becoming employed!  I know.  Stop. The. World.  I have a job!

It's actually a really long story but I am going to spare the details for now.  I'm a college recruiter!

Add to the excitement of my new job, Josh left over a week ago for Seattle Round #3......but he had to go without me.  :(  I miss him tons and can't wait to have him back in a couple of weeks!  Seriously, I am ready to have him here with me - this reminds me how blessed we are that I was able to accompany him for the first two one-month trips.  So grateful.

I definitely realize how much he does to take care of us.  Not only financially, but in so many ways.  Just having him around makes me better.

My goal is to be well-adjusted to my new job by the time he returns!

We've had a lot going on.  This is just a small update of the big things!