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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lil Fella's First Night

I am most definitely my mother's daughter. Since last night was Lil' Fella's first sleepover at our place, I was worried he would need something familiar to look at. I decided to print a pic of his family for his tank. I swear he recognizes them because he spent a few minutes looking at their picture. Anything to make his stay more comfortable! I have some other ideas and plan to text a new picture of this handsome gecko every day....that way his family knows what he is up to! (Give me a break....the kids are 3, 5 & 7...I am doing it for them....as if Disney is not enough!) :-) 

Anyone else do fun things with pets? 

Monday, November 1, 2010

House Guests

House Guests (from left to right...gecko, crickets, hermit crabs)...This week we are having house guests. But they are not the kind to use the guest bedroom. They don't even join us at the dinner table. Our first set of guests arrived last Thursday and will depart from the Family P B&B tomorrow. They are hermit crabs...Marty & Patrick. I feed them once a day and they usually hang out in their shells....anti-social for sure! Today a yellow leopard gecko arrived for the week while his family enjoys Walt Disney World (without him, poor guy). His name is Lil' Fella. He also came with a cage full of live crickets; however the number of crickets will decrease each day (if you know what I mean). Their stay is temporary but I am enjoying these creatures for the short time I have them. Unfortunately they are not cuddly, but the bonus is that they are easy and low-maintenance. Perhaps my calling would be to start at pet-sitting business! I have experienced crazier things before! :-) P.S. Josh thinks we have a zoo!