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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Heart of the home....it's what you make it

Call me a dork, but I often measure random things in fractions and percentages.  I don't really think much of it and normally I keep it to myself (not as a secret that is being withheld, but because I deem it unimportant and understand that others might not think it's so cool), but Josh seemed to think it was funny today in conversation when I knew we were exactly at 90/10 on our extended hotel stay.  We have already completed 90% of our stay, with 10% remaining.  Of the 30 night stay, we have slept here 27 nights and only 3 remain.  He laughed and said he was glad I was keeping practice of my math skills.  I took that as a compliment.

All that to say......our time living at the Embassy Suites is coming to an end......and I am saddened!  Of course I'm thrilled for our condo on Daniel Island, but there is some charm about our temporary E.S. home that I will miss. 

The first things that probably come to mind of those who have stayed at E.S. is the luxury of a housekeeper, omelet maker, and bar tender.  Our suite is serviced each day -- good thing my math skills are shining because my bed-making skills are not being put into practice.  Each morning I walk downstairs for complimentary breakfast, which includes a chef who will make my omelet just like I order it.  And each late afternoon/evening there is a reception with complimentary snacks and an open bar.  All those things are great and I'm so thankful, but that's not what I'm going to miss about residing here.

In addition to the fact that I will miss having only one house payment (because tomorrow we add the expense of our condo to our house in KY), there are some other things that I know my heart will long for when these days have passed. 

The first, and definitely most important, is getting to pick Josh up from work so that we can grab lunch together before I drop him back off.  Our hotel is so close to his work, plus I am currently not working, so we have taken advantage of this sweet opportunity a few days each of the past few weeks. I have known it was not to be taken for granted.  I will miss our mid-day meetings. 

And then there's the fruit............oh the fruit!  Each morning when I go to breakfast downstairs, I am greeted by fresh fruit that has already been prepared in bite-size pieces.  A glorious and anticipated moment each day for this morning person!  You see, I love fruit -- I already knew that......but how often do I neglect eating fruit because it's not prepared?  When we move to our condo in a few days, I hope I continue my  inspiration to buy lots of fresh-fruity goodness and chop it up so that it is ready and waiting for me each day.  Yum!

And the coffee.....it's pretty much a mini Starbucks, just without the barista.  Machines where all I have to do is push the button of my choice -- latte, mocha, steamed, lots of fancy choices.  However, I usually just go for my plain black coffee......and it is sooooooooo good!  I enjoyed morning coffee before the E.S. days, but something about the strong smell of the coffee grounds takes away the goodness when making my own.  However, just pushing the button and my mug is filled.....glorious!  Why yes, I will have another cup, thankyouverymuch!  

And then there are the towels.  Plain white towels that are fresh every day.  With their subtle, yet clean and fresh scent.  And each day when we are done using our towel, it's okay to drop them in the floor (in one pile, of course).....and later in the day the rack is filled with fresh towels to use next time.  That's a habit that is guaranteed to stop in a matter of days -- towels to the rack after each shower once we're in the condo!

I really am so excited about our condo and having our own furniture again and a few "things" (bikes, clothing, jewelry, books) I have missed that the moving company currently has stored.  I am really thrilled to live on Daniel Island, which is an active biking community surrounded by water and populated by courteous people.  I am excited to "make a home" together in a condo.  I am excited to get past the moving company making their delivery -- because it's a long and stressful process and I know that already.  I am excited to make friends in our new community.  I look forward to having guests come to stay with us so that we can welcome them into our home and show them our new city.  I am excited to settle down in Charleston with my sweet husband. 

But I sure will miss my "home" at the Embassy Suites!

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