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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Attention all Alpha Gam Girls!

I was pretty excited yesterday when I received an email asking me to join and contribute to the Alpha Gamma Delta Blog Network!  You better believe I joined right away!  The site is pretty new and one of our fellow Alpha Gam sisters started reaching out to bring more Alpha Gam girls together.  I know that several of you blog, so consider this my own personal invitation to you to join the AGD blog network with me!

Join here! If you're an Alpha Gam, but not a blogger, you can "follow" the network! :)

Happy Blogging to my fellow squirrel girls!


Kirstin said...

awww thanks for the spreading the word!!! We'll have your blogger profile up soon!

Jill said...

Now in my head I'm singing, "She is yours, your alpha gam girl..."

Tara said...

Love love love your blog Laura!