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Friday, January 28, 2011

Weekend Adventures

This post is several days late, but still fun nonetheless!  For starters, we sure have been blessed with some amazing and non-typical weather for January in Seattle.  That’s a huge praise because it’s made sightseeing much easier and enjoyable!  

We enjoyed great appetizers and being "locals" while joining with many other Boeing people (from both SC & WA) on Friday night at Diamond Knot Brewery.  Josh and I also stopped at a local donut shop after dinner that night......we gave into the sweet temptation but we're happy to report that the donuts were superb!  This is how happy we were after eating them:

We finalized some plans with a few of the others and on Saturday we picked up three other Charleston guys in the Charger and headed north to Vancouver, B.C.  We had to hand over our passports when crossing the border and the officer we had was major lacking in the friendly department!  After some questioning about our purpose for the trip and asking about weapons, we were finally set free in Canada!  

I don't recall how long the trip was.....maybe a couple of hours driving, I do believe.  

I'm not sure what this picture has to do with Vancouver, other than I found it very interesting and unique!  This is a concrete truck that is painted like asparagus as advertisement for the farmers market.  Great marketing!

And you will recall that Vancouver was home for the 2010 Winter Olympics:

We enjoyed lunch at a very nice restaurant, Earl's:

 The "Ceasar" which is very similar to a bloody mary
We also made the long walk to Stanley Park

After a great day trip, we headed south back to where we were staying.  On the way we made a pit stop at this cool place for a treat:

And we had these amazing views on the drive back:

And were surprised with this mail for Josh's birthday waiting on us when we returned to the hotel:

We were all exhausted and had a quiet dinner at a nice steakhouse "The Keg" before bed.

On Sunday we picked up the others and went to downtown Seattle where we mainly hung around Pike Place.  I was thrilled beyond words because this is the area I had cared to visit most after years ago I read "Fish!" - a leadership book based on how the Pike Place Fish Market sets the bar on how we should all approach situations and people.  

I might be a dork but I loved the book so much I brought it:
 Sweet Josh is driving us and trying to figure out where in the world we should park

We had lunch at Pike Place Brewery and watched the NFL Playoff game

Chocolate Hazelnut Gelato......think Nutella.....YUM!

We had a great rain-free weekend!  And now that it's almost weekend again, we look forward to more adventures to come!

With love from Seattle!

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