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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Josh!

Happy Birthday Josh!  
To my sweet husband, I am so thankful to be with you on your birthday!  I look forward to celebrating with you later this evening.  On your birthday (and every other day) I am reminded how you are a precious gift to me.  A God-given gift.  I am thankful for you and the husband who you are to me.  It is a pleasure and privilege to be your wife.  I thank you for being the head of our household and the head of my heart.  I admire your work ethic, determination, giving spirit, and your do-what-it-takes attitude.  I am so thankful to have you challenge me to step out of my comfort zone - we have been very blessed through your willingness to try new things and set high goals.  

Words can't really express just how much you mean to me.  I am thankful for the man you are and how you show love to me unconditionally, even when I don't deserve it.  Thank you!  I love you dearly!  

Can't wait to celebrate with you tonight and see this new town together!

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