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Monday, January 31, 2011

First Flight Test!

Josh just completed his first flight test moments ago!  I mentioned in the previous post that since Josh started his job in late August, he was selected to the flight line team.  That means that his job excitement level went up about a thousand notches! :)

After a few days of the schedule being delayed, today was his first time to participate in a flight test!  He and some of the other professionals boarded a still new, never been flown commercially before because it hasn't yet been 110% passed for readiness plane to do some in-air tests.  I don't know any details about the tests performed and for my sanity I should probably remain unknowing

There is a website to track flights so I have been doing that since before he took off earlier this morning.  I watched as they took off, throughout their flight, and finally landing.  I am proud to say that they landed safely!
I am so excited for Josh and that he loves his job!  It is a very challenging and time-consuming position, however I am a joyful wife that he enjoys what he is doing.  That is worth so much!

Here are some screen shots I took while I was monitoring the site like a hawk. 

Here is the flight test almost done....I was praying for a very safe and smooth landing.....

And they made it!!!!

I am reminded today to give thanks and praise the Lord for the many blessings He has given us.  I'm going to ponder on that for a while today (as I should every day).
From me on the hotel 4th floor and Josh at 35,000 feet, 

With love from Seattle!

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