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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Seeing Seattle Solo!

I knew I would do at least one day in downtown Seattle by myself at some point during this trip.  So when Josh told me Monday that he would be working at the facility south of Seattle on Tuesday, I knew that was a perfect opportunity to see the city.....and avoid dealing with parking a car and that expense.  We left our hotel early yesterday morning.....like super dark early.  A long drive in the heavy commuter traffic is all that stood between me and a day in the city!

 Here I am Tuesday morning in front of the original, yet second branch of Starbucks at Pike Place Market

I am hardly familiar with downtown Seattle, but did have some grasp on the Pike Place Market area so Josh dropped me off there.  It was still dark for about another hour at that point.  So I decided to take a brisk walk up Pike Street.  It seemed very safe because there were many business professionals (at least that's what they looked like) out, so I just tagged along before I crossed the road to turn around and headed back down the street.  Along the way I made sure to check out some store fronts and made a mental note to return during opening hours.  My blood was pumping and I was ready to tackle the day in Seattle.  I walked back to Pike Place Market and walked around for a while.  It was interesting how different the atmosphere was from when we were there just two days prior on Sunday morning.  Today was a regular business day with construction repairs being done, fewer people out and about, the market had fewer vendors and was not set-up until mid-morning, whereas on Sunday the place was booming and cameras were flashing capturing touristy moments.

Before I set out on my solo adventure, I knew I had to get my game face on.  After all, I didn't want to look lost or misplaced.  So I followed a city dweller stereotype and displayed an unemotional expression, didn't make eye contact with others, walked briskly ahead (even when I didn't have a clue where in the world I was!), never spoke, and attempted to blend in.  For the most part, it seemed to work.  I was actually mistaken for a student more than once....that could have been because I was carrying a backpack and dressed casually.  Or it could have been the zit on my chin that I noticed in photos after downloading them.  Niiiiiiiiice.  Regardless, my disguise worked until I had to communicate with someone.  I did limit my communications to people who were working the tourist sites and store employees.....no chit-chat with strangers, which is actually kind of hard for me.

After my long morning walk, I settled at a newer Starbucks (with better seating) just across the street from Pike Place.  I made my order and checked out some sightseeing brochures and our travel book.  After a while, I noticed the sun was peaking outside, so I decided to get out and take some pictures.  Sun in Seattle is rare, particularly in January!  I wasn't going to miss this moment!


At some point I descended a long stairway to the waterfront where I walked along Alaskan Way for a while.

I found another long staircase to take me from the waterfront back up to the city.  Not really sure where I was since I spent my day exploring and pretty much walking aimlessly.  I enjoy not having a schedule or list, so I was completely content to wander around.  I ended up walking around Pioneer Square and to Qwest Field, the home field of NFL's Seattle Seahawks.

And then I went on to tour the Klondike Goldrush Museum where I did not strike big.

I was surprised at this quaint little respite area in the middle of the city.....a park commemorating UPS's 100 years.  Apparently UPS began in a little underground office near this very place!

Then I made my way to the 73rd floor of Columbia Center for views like these:

On my way to the shopping area around Pike Street & 5th Avenue, I stopped into the Seattle Public Library.  With the idea of blending in I didn't take any pictures, so please trust me when I say that this place was awesome!  It was HUGE and people were everywhere!  The colors and architecture were also awesome!  

After a short time shopping, I heard from Josh who was on his way to meet up with me.  I walked back to the waterfront where we were meeting at Elliott's for a yummy oyster [early] dinner!  When we were leaving our late afternoon meal Josh noticed that the sky was clear and we had breathtaking views of the Olympic Range.  Absolutely gorgeous!!  We looked in awe for a while and enjoyed the view.  I was so thankful for a beautiful day in Seattle....with no rain!  :)

And the pretty view continued as we drove north to the town of Mukilteo where we're residing:
With love from Washington State!


Tara said...

LOVE your Seattle pictures! I love that city so much and I was just thinking I need a little Seattle fix. Hopefully your pictures will get me through this semester. It looks like you go to see a lot. I didn't know you could go up in the Columbia Center so I'm doing that next time. :)

Jill said...

Your pictures are beautiful! Ok, I don't notice a zit and I think your skin looks quite amazing, but anyway. You are so brave for getting out and exploring by yourself. I don't know if I could do that. And this is random, but I had a dream about rushing Alpha Gam last night, LOL