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Monday, August 30, 2010

Home Sweet Hotel - Our New Normal

After making the drive on Thursday, we arrived to our home for the next month.  We love the Embassy Suites and are enjoying the amenities!  It is really nice to have a suite because there is lots more space than a typical hotel.  It's like a small apartment and we have settled in just fine!

Dining/Work Area

Living Room

Wet bar

Bedroom  - we have an extra bed if anyone wants to visit in the next few weeks!

View from our window of the convention center

And I definitely love the hot breakfast each morning as well as the manager's cocktail reception each afternoon!  We love our temporary home!  :)

Josh reading the sweet card from our friends after our arrival
The precious goodies given to us by the R family as a welcome to Charleston!

Josh on his first day of work! :)

Sweet Little C -- he is our little buddy -- so cute!
B paddle-boarding!

L paddle-boarding!

They showed us how to do it! 

Josh paddle-boarding!

Me paddle-boarding!

Father & Son - so sweet!

After our successful and fun paddle-boarding experience!

Shem Creek, after eating after-church-lunch at Red's

Shem Creek is my happy place!  There's just something about it that I love!

Josh wearing his badge before going to work this morning! 

We just started the process this afternoon for a condo to rent on Daniel Island -- hopefully everything goes through smoothly!  If so, we should be moving in the last week of September.  Sure wish our Kentucky house would sell -- because we have two housing payments until it sells. 

I have just recently began job-searching and am thankful that Josh's company is offering a nice service to me.  They contract a career-help service and I have someone who is helping me with finding a job here.  I have enjoyed getting to correspond with her and was particularly excited when I discovered that we are both Alpha Gam girls (just from different universities).  Hopefully I will have a good fitting position soon!  Until then, I have been productive job searching, taking care of housing things, meeting my husband for lunch, doing laundry (and paying way too much for it at the hotel laundrry room) and enjoying this adventure!

Believe it or not, we really have been quite busy!  Between Josh starting work and us trying to figure out a permanent place where we're going to live in a few weeks, we have also enjoyed attending Seacoast Church and hanging out with the R family.  Last night we even went to the home of another young married couple from church (as introduced by the R family) becuase they were having some couples over.  Tomorrow evening we have plans with the R family and Wednesday is a church service and missions fundraiser supper. 

Moving is hard.....it's emotional, tiring, overwhelming, stressful......but we couldn't ask for a greater experience!  Charleston has been a fabulous place to relocate!  Strangers have welcomed us with open arms.  Overall there is a laid-back atmosphere -- everyone is just chilled out and easy-going, as well as friendly and hospitable!  We are so thankful for this adventure! 

We welcome friends and family to visit!  We would love to show you around our new home!  It really is great place with so much to do!

With love from Charleston!

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Jill said...

Laura, when I was in Charleston I worked for a staffing/recruiting firm. I'm not sure who you are working with currently or if they have limitations on you sharing your resume with other firms, but the company was Charles Foster: 572-8100. Let me know if you want any more info :)