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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Charleston Day 1

Yesterday marked our first day in Charleston!  After my alarm went off at 2:45AM, we got up and quickly got ready to head to the airport.  We flew out of Nashville at 6AM, arriving in Charleston mid-morning.  After getting our rental car it didn't take long to see that we were very close to Boeing.

This structure under construction is where Josh will be working next year!

We met a Boeing security guard and he was nice!  He told us many things about what's to come, including that they are making a lake on the other side of the structure.  That will be so pretty!  He said they already have found an alligator in it.  EEK!

One thing Josh has been so excited about is getting Verizon phones over here -- he has been counting that down for a long time now!  Within a couple of miles of leaving the airport we saw a Verizon store so we pulled in. Long story short, we will both receive Droid X phones within the next couple of weeks.  The only bad part is that we do have to change our numbers, so we will soon be updating everyone on our new digits!

And our lack of sleep over the last few weeks had caught up to us.  The only thing we had "planned" for yesterday was to rest, so it was time to head to the hotel......after we grabbed lunch, that is.  We ate lunch at Queen Anne's Revenge and it was yummy!

Then to check-in to the hotel and nap!  Lucky for us, the day was overcast and had started sprinkling -- perfect for some rest!  We woke up later in the evening and decided to go grab something to eat.  Mr. P looked at a few places online and we decided to dine at Fleet Landing, which was downtown and on the water.  Ohmygoodness, AMAZING food!

We took the long way to get to the restaurant so that we could see the area.  This beautiful bridge was one that we crossed.  We drove through Isle of Palms and Sullivan's Island before arriving to the restaurant. 

Downtown Charleston is very pretty!  From what we see, everything is kept clean and we felt extremely safe.  The people we've met have been friendly and laid-back.  We already feel at home!

One thing I forgot to mention.....while Josh was checking us into our hotel, I made a friend (imagine that!)!  He wanted to know if we were in town for the concert.  I asked, "what concert?"  And he said, "O.A.R."  I shared with him that my fave song of theirs was "Hey Girl"  (college days flashback!).  I asked for more info -- they were playing in an outdoor stadium less than a mile from our hotel.  While my new friend and I were chatting, one of the band members came out of our hotel to walk to the restaurant next door to pick up his to-go order.  This excites me and I wish I would have gotten a picture, but my tiredness took away my better judgement.  :(  Boo to that!  There were tickets available, but since it was an outdoor event and was still rainy, we decided to skip out on the concert because we were not energetic enough to scream and shout for the band in the rain.  After dinner the night cleared up and was beautiful so we drove over to the outdoor stadium and of course we could hear their tunes.  We walked around for a while and enjoyed our new area and the sounds of summer! 

Yesterday was a great day!  We are so excited to be here and get to know our new home!  In the meantime, we're still trying to catch up on lost sleep.  We are meeting some friends soon to go to church with them.  Post on today will come later! 

With love from Charleston!

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Jill said...

My fav picture from this post is the Cooper River Bridge :) I have both an ornament and a wooden figurine of the bridge, as it opened while I was living there. It was quite the event! It is a great city...and IOP and Mt Pleasant are 2 of my favorite places :) I'm only a little jealous!