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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Charleston -- Days 2 & 3

Our second day in Charleston was Sunday and it was quite a fantastic day!  We got ready at the hotel, I made friends with the nice older man working the continental breakfast bar, and we headed to our friends' home.  They have a GORGEOUS home and it was a great place to meet them (it's been a year since I had seen this family).  We followed them to Church at Seacoast in Mt. Pleasant.  Our experience that day was amazing and we agreed that the sermon was given just for us, confirming that we are making the right decision to move here.  Thank you God for those little doses of reassurance! 

The Church story is pretty neat and one where we see God's hand at work already!  Weeks ago when we found out we would be moving to Charleston, we did a Google search of Churches.  Of course there are many in the area to choose from.  However, one -- Seacoast -- stuck out to us and we knew we wanted to visit.  Then at our home Church in Bowling Green, when I shared with the pastor that we would be moving he said that we had to try out Seacoast Church!  (cool stuff!)  Then we made plans to follow our friends to Church.  We intentionally never asked their Church name - it wasn't until we pulled into the parking lot of the Church and Josh and I looked at each other with such an amazement.  All of those things led up to the point of getting us to that Church on that day to hear that message.  What an amazing God we serve!

It was monsoon-like weather before, during and after Church time.  Apparently that is not the norm here in Charleston.  We didn't mind because we continued enjoying our soon-to-be future home.  As it turns out, the weather forecast for the week is supposed to have rain and storms all throughout - and we're not even concerned!

After Church, we went with the R family to an amazing restaurant, Red's, on Shem Creek!  It was soooooo good and I know that I am enjoying this Lowcountry-style cooking oh-so-very-much!  The weather cleared up after lunch, which made it nice for the R kids to play outside for a bit.  It was very sweet to watching them at work filling frisbees with rocks and water, and then transporting them to another location of the water.  So simple and cute!

We then did some afternoon exploring around the Charleston area before deciding to check out Folly Beach where we dined at The Crab Shack, which was another meal of absolute goodness! 

I enjoyed hanging out in the hammock chair.

We enjoyed sharing this!

We enjoyed the Folly Beach area, although it seems much more touristy than the other areas we've checked out.  It's also a good little drive from the areas we have been sticking around.  We don't see Folly Beach as being a place we visit regularly, but we did enjoy our time there for sure!

Day 3 was yesterday (Monday) and we woke up to a beautiful day (despite the fact that the forecast said it would be icky).  We checked out some places to live (we're pretty sure we figured out where we want to be once we settle down in this area). 

We love the Mt. Pleasant sign - absolutely beautiful and those pineapples make it very welcoming!

This is the exit where Church is.  Since it was pouring down the day before, I wanted to go get pictures of Church on the sunny day.

Of course I'll take my Church with palm trees! :)

Crossing Cooper Bridge again!

We had a Mexican restaurant recommendation from a local so we decided to try it out.  This place was off the beaten path and didn't look like something we would have tried without the referral.  However, we are so glad we did!  It is authentic Mexican and was fabulous!  As a bonus, the prices were really good! 

You might know him as Josh or Mr. P, but I gave him the nick-name quite some time ago as "Jose" -- not only is it just one letter different than his name, I find it quite fitting because he loves him some Mexican!  Feel free to call him Jose when you're around him -- he will most likely answer because I use it often!  ha!

Two popular street names downtown -- great for shopping!!! 

The Marketplace is very pretty -- however I didn't even care to go inside.  I was shopped out at this point!

Pizza and Cheese sticks at Orlando's on the beloved Daniel Island!

We went back to the hotel for a while to freshen up and chill out for a little bit.  Before we headed out again we opened our new purchases to wear, Puma shoes from the store down town.  We thought that our feet should pose together! 

Then we were off to Daniel Island Grill for drinks and Monday Night Football!  We met the coolest people, some with ties to Kentucky!  We enjoyed chatting with them and appreciated their encouragement for us making this move and for tips for living here! 

What a great trip already!  We are loving our new home!

With love from Charleston!

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