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Sunday, October 18, 2009

A review from 'the sheet snob'

In college when I lived in a cute townhouse with four other girls, my adorable friend Meagan referred to me as a "sheet snob." (Amy, you were this way too, wouldn't you agree?) We all had our own things that we were particular about and bed sheets just so happened to be mine! For example, "water snobs" won't drink water out of the tap, but require it from a Brita filter (this is definitely not me).

I became the "sheet snob" because I always had to have a high thread-count set of bed sheets. (BTW, T.J. Maxx has been a place I've found affordable nice sheets in the past) Needless to say, things didn't change when I married. I wasn't particular about much that we were getting to start our home together, but you better believe that I made sure we had a nice set of sheets for our new bed! Now in doing so, I knew we would only have one set (meaning that you have to strip your bed and wash the sheets in the same day....no spare set in this case). You might be surprised that Mr. P and I made the decision this week that with the recent temperature drop, we were going to need to invest in some flannel sheets. You probably wouldn't believe that "the sheet snob" went to Walmart Friday night and no joke.....purchased a set of Queen size flannel sheets for $15!!! I washed and dried them first thing yesterday morning and made the bed up, so last night was our first night climbing in....and they were AH-MAZING!

Yes, I look forward to Spring when I can trade the flannel for my 1000-thread-count set, but in the meantime, I totally recommend flannel sheets for Winter! But be forewarned, the toasty bed is very hard to emerge from in the mornings! :)

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Sonya said...

very funny story! :) I have never slept in flannel sheets. I have heard they are nice but my husband gets way to hot at night with regular sheets so no flannel for us. :)