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Monday, October 25, 2010

A Sweet Surprise & More!

This afternoon we received a special delivery!  The doorbell rang and we were greeted with a yummy chocolate dessert made by these even sweeter kids!  (Perhaps their mommy helped!)

Could they get any cuter?!!! Way to make our day, R Family! :)  (Verdict on this dessert......AH-mazing!)

Now we're backtracking to the beginning of this past weekend.  When Josh got off work on Friday afternoon, we were beach bound.  We grabbed a pizza on the way and enjoyed relaxing at the beach and throwing football for a couple of hours.  Why?  Because that's what you do when you live in a beach town! :)
Pretty sure this photo is capturing the moment when Josh was sending a photo text with an ocean picture to our family captioned "Just another day....."  (This coastal living thing never gets old.)

 Can you tell we're both loving life here?!!  :)

 It was both sunny and windy.

Saturday morning we decided to attend Daniel Island Park Day!  While walking there we had another gator sighting!  FYI, this is not a baby gator....it was grown for sure......just hanging out in one of the downtown DI ponds.

My new friend Ashley and me!  She and her husband have been so nice and welcoming since our first week here!  We are very thankful for their friendship!
Mr. P and me in front of the shrimp boat on the Wando River.

With all of these gator sightings, it's now odd to see them in the petting zoos.....however, the mouth tape is very reassuring for an up close and personal facial shot!

Here's Mr. P early yesterday morning before he met Mr. R to go paddle-boarding on the Wando River before church. I stayed at home, so no action shots of them going from one side to the other and back.  Proud of him for sure!

We were coming back home after church when Mr. P said "there's a gator on the bank!"  I was thrilled beyond words!  (And scared too.)  Thankfully I had my camera on hand and the gator was not camera shy this time!  It really is crazy that these creatures reside within a couple hundred feet of where we live!  (this one is also grown.....not a baby gator)

Life here is great!  Come visit us and our gator neighbors!  

With love from Charleston!

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Jill said...

Ahhh Charleston looks lovely! I'm sure the weather is to-die-for right now! :)