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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Doing Life!

We've been really busy "doing life" in our new town!

Here's a quick re-cap of what we've been up to!  (when I had my camera)

 Last week we had some friends over for dinner at our condo.  I am proud to say that I actually cooked the entire meal and also made pumpkin pie and baked banana chocolate chip muffins.  Three points for me being domestic! 

 Last Saturday was the local Race for the Cure and we were proud to join the R family in support our mutual friend, Leslie, who is currently in KY battling breast cancer.  We made posters and cheered for the runners!

Here we are out early and ready to go!  We were so excited for the runners to come by!  The R family's porch was the perfect place to spectate!

If I were a runner and these cuties were cheering me on, I would definitely be motivated to do well!  They are just too cute!

This was the first runner who came by!  He was fast!

 More participants for the cure!  Some of the costumes were very creative!

Definitely sister teamwork!  Love it!

Fun at the park!

Couldn't you just eat them up?!  They are THAT SWEET!  Love these kiddos!

I have scored some major deals this week!  It all started Sunday afternoon when we just had to pick up a few things from the grocery.  I noticed some large bottles of detergent clearanced for only $3 each.  I knew it was a deal, so I bought 3....that should last a few months!  Then a couple days later I saw the exact same thing in another store priced for $12.97!  Oh yes, pure excitement!  There must have been a major overstock where shelves needed to be cleared and I'm thrilled to have lucked out on this savings!

I also found some amazing deals for a few clothing/accessories this week!  Seriously, I am pumped!  For about $25 I scored two shirts, a dress, a purse, a pair of sandals, and a lip gloss!  Thankyouverymuch!

Our move has made us realize that we needed more file storage space.  Nothing too fancy and basically something we could easily store in a closet.  I kind of dreaded this purchase because I knew the last time we bought a file box it was between $15-$20, which in my opinion is ridiculous for molded plastic.  So you can imagine my surprise yesterday when I found these regularly priced for $24.99 each, on sale for $9.99 each....combine a $10 off coupon and a $4 rewards certificate......guess who scored these babies for about $3.50 each!  Deals like these make filing fun!!  (Too much?)

We decided to dine at our local Quizno's last night (yes, I had a coupon!) so we rode our bikes there!  I caught this picture when we were stopped waiting for traffic to clear for our crossing.  However, the true story was that my husband was biking while holding a drink in one hand and talking on the phone in the other!  Hello, Mr. Superdupercoordinated!  Long story short, before I took this picture I had to find a trash can for my drink because it was just too complicated and my safety was definitely at risk. (I kid, I kid......well, kind of)
 Here we are on our bike route after eating at Quizno's! 

And this picture sums up why my alarm clock went off at 4AM this morning!  I joined with 10 other ladies from Seacoast Church to take breakfast to a shelter downtown.  Amazing group of women!  Love them!

And here's my Thursday Bible Study group!  There are actually multiple classes being held at the same time each Thursday, but this is the group I study God's Word with each week.  I have definitely been challenged (in a good and growing way) by these women. 
Except today I didn't join the ladies for study and instead spent some time with the 1-3 year old kids while their mommies were in class.  Talk about a confidence boost!  I was exhausted by the time it was over, but just imagine 3 hours of being hugged and loved!  Seriously, they are precious and I love them dearly!  We had 12 in our group today and I am excited to say that we played with dolls, cars, and balls, read books, practiced our colors and animal noises, watched (and sang to the tunes) Veggie Tales, sang "Jesus Loves Me," and I even made a few imaginary phone calls on the pretend cell phone to let grandmothers know that their grandchild was having so much fun today and is such a great kid!  (I definitely dig their huge imaginations!) 

Tonight Josh and I played tennis at the park and had fun with that!  I'm quite exhausted to say the least, but that's a good thing because we're having so much fun!

With love from Charleston!

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Sarah Beth said...

I love you and I miss you! So happy to stay updated on your life :)