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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Mary Ann!

My mother-in-law Mary Ann celebrated her birthday on Halloween Day!  I was THRILLED that we were able to have a birthday celebration for her and pull off the surprise until moments before the revealing!  My mom did a great job getting many things together and it was great to have my grandparents join us too!  We held the birthday lunch at a local Bed & Breakfast where we had our own private dining room to celebrate.  I only hope that this is one of many more wonderful birthday celebrations we can have for her!  Here are the awesome secret-keepers with the birthday girl!

Halloween was that same day, so of course we had to be festive with this fun holiday filled with sweets! 

I was a salsa dancer (this is a throwback costume from Greek Sing 2003!) and I am here between Mary Ann & Daddy, both of which are looking awfully attractive!  EEK!

And then we went out for dinner and music at Wha Bah.  Definitely a great place to see a variety of costumes! Mom arranged with the waitress and the band to sing "Happy Birthday" to Mary Ann and bring her yummy cake -- what a great surprise!  Here are our mothers -- they have become good friends!

And of course, my love and me!

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