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Friday, August 26, 2011

One Year Ago Today

I've been a bit sentimental (in a good way) lately just thinking about the past year since we made the move from the Bluegrass State to the Palmetto State. 

For some reason I can't go the grocery without an itemized list and I regularly forget daily tasks, yet I remember specific dates surprisingly well.  For instance, this day last year -- August 26, 2010.  We finished the drive to Charleston after stopping halfway the night before.  No longer were we visitors in a strange town, this day marked the moment that we began to call Charleston our home.  We arrived to the Embassy Suites which would be our residence for the next month where we were greeted by a sweet and encouraging package from the only local people we knew.  It was the day before Josh would start his new position.  I knew I planned to start my job search while he was at work.  I haven't gone back to read that post yet, however many of the details are engrained in my memory. 

As I reflect on the past year and all it has delivered, I am humbled and awed.  I can't believe how quickly the time has passed!  It has literally flown by..   Not a day goes by that we are not thankful for where God chose to move us.  We could have been moved anywhere and the opportunity we were given was Charleston - what a dream!

I have thought of the many things I love about this place.  I am sure I will forget some things that make my smile, but I want to capture a few I have recently given thanks for: 

* This place and its geography.  It's a beach town and water is everywhere.  That alone makes my day.
* Our sweet island - I always love returning to the line of palm trees and beautiful homes.
* The food.  My word, it's so wonderful.  I did work on losing some of those added pounds, so I'm trying to keep them off.  It's a struggle though because the food is so amazing.
* Having jobs we enjoy with organizations that have great impact in our community.   
* The people.  Regardless if they're natives or transplants, it seems the people here love Charleston for its charm and want to hold on to the unique, laid-back  and hospitable culture.
* Seeing and hearing the C17's fly over Charleston while taking off/landing from the Air Force Base.
* Seeing military people (mostly Navy & Air Force) dressed in uniform every time I go out to lunch.  There's something about this that reminds me to be grateful to not only live in Charleston, but also in a free country....God bless America and those defending our freedoms!
* Pretty much every type of shopping and entertainment is accessible. 
* Our precious little airport.  I might have thought it was shoddy the first time we flew in, but now I realize how wonderful and convenient it is! 
* The mild winters. 
* Coastal breezes and palm trees.....what a great combination!

With love from Charleston!

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Jill said...

Isn't it a great place? :) So glad you were given the opportunity to go there and that you've enjoyed it. There wasn't much that I "missed" in Charleston (whereas living in the north I missed ChickfilA, etc...hehe).