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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mr. Silly!

Some people have funny stories to share about their children, but my funny stories are about my husband!  He has a prankster side that makes an occasional experience.  This afternoon his fun was out in full force!  Mr. P's tricks often involve a vehicle.  It started when we were leaving the Mexican restaurant where we had dined.  We were parked beside each other and as soon as I began reversing, he did too.  The way the parking lot is designed, I was blocked in until he moved.  And let me tell you -- he took his time, slowly moving and keeping me blocked (don't worry, no one else was behind us!).  I sent him a text saying that God was using him to strengthen my patience!  And as we're on the way home, his jokes continued when he began reversing at the red light.  The lady in the BMW beside him thought she was rolling forward!  I had the opportunity to witness this!  It's easy to understand that I was a proud wife when I was able to make a pass ahead of him on the way home and creep through our neighborhood while blocking him from going around me!  I told him that I have learned from his tricks! 

Times like these make me laugh like crazy and I am thankful for the simple moments!

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