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Monday, February 22, 2010

Way to go Tops!


Of course I love my Kentucky Wildcats, but the Hilltoppers also hold a special place in my heart!  Mr. P and I are season-ticket holders for men's basketball and while this year has had its ups and downs, the boys pulled through for a great showing on Senior night!  
I adore watching the student section -- they are definitely the most vibrant and energetic of the Sunbelt conference!  I especially love witnessing some of the traditions that occur at each game, all compliments of the students!

Player Jeremy Evans made a great display for his Senior night by painting his portrait on his shoe!  I was absolutely mesmerized by this masterpiece!  You can only imagine how many pictures I had to take before I finally caught this shot of him in action!  Can you believe how awesome this is?!!  Read more about his rockin' artistic abilities here -- it's just not fair that he has two major talents!  At least he's using the talents.

And of course I enjoy watching the cheerleaders.....almost as much as I enjoy watching Big Red entertain the audience!

After the game, the players (particularly the Seniors) went up in the student section showing their appreciation for the awesome support.  This was a very classy act!  Way to go, boys!

A poster from the supportive (and also talented) students!  Funny thing is that I still remember going to UK's Senior game when I was a Senior myself........ahem......not that it was four years ago or anything!

This was a score to be proud of!

And a couple of weeks ago, NBA star Courtney Lee (former Hilltopper) was in attendance -- you could tell he enjoyed being back for a visit to his alma mater.

I had a pedicure that afternoon between work and the game.  I couldn't stand the thought of possibly messing it up, so I wore flip-flops to the game....in February.  I realize this was not the classiest of decisions, but a girl has to protect her pedi!  I justified it since the color was in support of the Toppers.

Believe it or not, I'm actually kind of sad that the season is nearly over -- I really enjoy "date nights" with Mr. P -- plus thanks to him, I actually now understand sports pretty well!  (It's much more fun to spectate when you know what's going on).

I hope that the Wildcats & the Hilltoppers have a great and successful March Madness!!!!

We enjoyed this weekend very much!  The weather was great and we finally had the opportunity to enjoy our new bikes!  Ahhh, a taste of Spring!  Can't wait til it's really here to stay around a while!

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Kelsey712 said...

loved your post about the Hilltoppers! We were at the game Courtney Lee attended and it was funny to see him walk around. He was surrounded by crowds every where he went!