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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Home is where the heart is.....

After our move to Charleston just 25 months ago, I can say that Josh and I know and believe that home truly is where the heart is.  In that short two-year span we left our "first house" in Kentucky for the coastal low country of South Carolina...and we've made our "home" in quite a few places.  From the original one-month stay at the Embassy Suites, to our precious two-bedroom island condo, and several other extended hotel stays in Seattle, we can now call home anywhere.  So this past Spring when our friends approached us with an opportunity to rent their gorgeous home while they RV the country for a year, we didn't hesitate to accept.  So the lovely home above became ours at the end of June and this is where we will be for a year.  It's actually just a few blocks away from the condo we rented.

The home is still furnished by the owners, which is great with us because she has a lovely decorating style.  Most of our belongings are stored in the garage.

We have no idea where we will go next summer when their travels are over.  It could be down the street, across town, across the country or beyond.  Either way, we are trusting God's direction and keeping an open mind to the ways He leads us.  In the meantime, we will continue enjoying life on the island and thanking God for the beauty that surrounds.

I took this photo to practice with my new external camera flash.  Too bad I didn't own this flash during the night sighting of wild elk at the Grand Canyon a couple months ago!  
A new house means a new address!  Be sure to message me for an update if I'm on your Christmas card list (which is my favorite holiday tradition - so much fun to check the mail and display cards all season)!


Jill said...

First, what a beautiful home! Second, I can totally relate to your feeling. Good for you all for embracing it. Home truly is where your heart is :)

Abdul said...

That is a beautiful house, Laura! The neighborhood looks nice too. Having a place you could call your own is a great feeling. It's a good investment for the family too. I hope that by the end of your contract in that house, you would be able to find another house where you could feel home again and settle for good. Take care!

Abdul Jackson