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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We Made It!

4 weeks
3 time zones
2 lovers
1 adventure

We arrived safely again in Seattle late Monday night/early Tuesday morning.  It was fun to see the Space Needle just before we landed!  We were welcomed by the typical Seattle rain upon arrival.  Our bodies are still adjusting to the time difference.  I am proud to say that I represented UK from coast to coast on Monday by wearing my UK gear!  Unfortunately my plane wasn't the one that did the C-A-T-S cheer in air, but I proudly wore my blue and white!

When I was putting our room together yesterday morning, it was very evident that we packed considerably less stuff than last time.  That might mean doing more loads of laundry - I'm okay with that.  The only thing that I realized that was forgotten is a swimsuit so I might buy one here. 

Same hotel, all is well, just not as quiet as last time.  I can definitely tell it's Spring Break because there are lots of families staying here and kids are around.  Last time it was obviously just business travelers during the week days.  The pool that was empty all day during our last trip was full of approximately 20 kids yesterday morning.  Maybe I won't buy a swimsuit. :)

Yesterday I received some news that a young woman (I knew her through mutual friends) passed away after a hard battle with cancer.  Only 35 years old and she left behind a husband and daughter.  My heart is aching for this  family.  In the midst of aching for her family, I am rejoicing because I know that Jesus rescued her from this terrible sickness.  I know she has been made perfect now.  I know this because I had the privilege of seeing her baptized last year!

I'm still sifting through some thoughts on my mind and in my heart.  I plan on writing about those.

Until then I'm going to thank God and be content right here, right now.  I hope you will too!

The offer still stands if anyone wants to see Seattle while we're here!  Book your flight and visit! :)

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