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Friday, April 23, 2010

Way to go, Tebow, way to go!

Tim Tebow (Quarterback of the Florida Gators) was selected as a first-round NFL draft pick for the Denver Broncos last night!  Many opinions have been expressed over the last several months regarding his capabilities to play in the big leagues, but Tim has busted it to perfect his skills.  I knew he would be selected in the draft, so I am thrilled that he was a first-round pick.  While I was hoping he would be a Tennessee Titan so that  I had a better chance of seeing him regularly, I am so excited that Denver saw his potential and drafted this awesome man of character!  Looks like a trip to the Mile High City is in order for Mr. P & me! 

Tim is a champion on and off the field.  His morals and faith are admirable.  Tim's foundation is just one expression of how awesome he is!

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